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Exotic Pet Care
Quality Exotic Pet Care for Birds, Reptiles & Pocket Pets


Birds, reptiles, and small mammals require special care. Harmony Animal Hospital offers the skill and experience of Dr. Johnson and Dr. Jillian Sweet, who enjoy treating these unique pets.

Wellness Care for Exotic Pets

Pet health and wellness care is essential for all types of birds, exotics, and pocket pets. We recommend a visit to our veterinarian on or before the day you bring your new pet home.

A physical exam will reveal any medical issues or concerns that require immediate treatment, and we can discuss the need for vaccines or preventives. At that time, our veterinarians will advise you about behavior training and nutrition, housing and environmental requirements, dental needs for mammals, and much more. Since many exotic pets live relatively short lives, regular exams are essential for treating developing problems.

Every patient receives personal attention and the time you need to ask questions and discuss your concerns. Your exotic pet is given a wellness care plan that is tailored to your exact needs and lifestyle concerns.

Disease Prevention

Some exotic pets carry diseases that can be transmitted to the two-legged members of your family, especially children and seniors, or those with a chronic disease. Many birds, reptiles, and small mammals do not require vaccines, but should be seen regularly by our veterinarians for indicators of species-specific diseases. For general tips, we recommend following the suggestions from the Center for Disease Control, on their Healthy Pets, Healthy People.

Exotic Pet Information

The following resources are available to supplement your discussions with our veterinarians, regarding the care of your exotic pets.

  • Selecting a Rabbit brochure by the AVMA
  • The House Rabbit Society is an international nonprofit organization that rescues rabbits from animal shelters and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior.
  • The ARBA is an organization dedicated to the promotion, development, and improvement of the domestic rabbit and cavy.
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