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New Client Information

Thanks for your interest in joining our vet and pet community!

If you want a friendly, compassionate and attentive family vet that is there to help prevent illness as well as deal with emergencies, then we could be the practice you. If you are the sort of person who thinks of their pet as a furry family member then you are most likely in the right place.

Our clients and their pets enjoy:

  • Double length appointments with the veterinarians and their team
  • Low-stress handling so pets enjoy coming to see us.
  • Caring and respectful interactions from a friendly team.
  • Upfront and transparent explanations of patient care and custom treatment recommendations.
  • Wellness & prevention care - to avoid illness.

But we know that this is not what everyone wants from a veterinarian. Low-cost or no-frills may be what you want. You may not think dental care or vaccines matter. And more importantly to us, the mental well-being (stress level) of your pet during its visit with us. No worries, we're not here to judge you, but we're also not the right practice for you in that case either.

We believe in being honest, it's one of our values, so we wanted to let you know ahead of time and kick off our relationship on the very best foot.