Going trick-or-treating with your pet? Be sure both of you wear reflectors for safety. Watch your pet for signs of stress (heavy panting and anxious expression). And be kind: don’t share your Halloween candy with your pet. An upset stomach can occur, or even worse, your pet can get poisoned from too much chocolate.

Other than that, have a howlin’ good time!

Halloween Shim

We have a great assortment of Halloween costumes and halloween themed toys for your pet available every October. Check them out.

If you take a few simple precautions, Halloween can be fun and safe for both you and your pet. It’s another way to treat your pet as part of the family.

Picking out a special costume to dress up your pet and take him trick-or-treating is lots of fun. Make it a special adventure for you both. Take your pet with you only if he enjoys other people and strange sights and sounds. Keep him on a leash at all times. Fit his costume so that it is comfortable and be sure to supervise him so he doesn’t get tangled up in any part of it. When you’re walking in the dark, be careful to wear something reflective or flashing so that motorists will see both of you. And remember that all of the goodies you receive are for you alone; candy, and especially chocolate, can be harmful to pets. You can pick up some dog safe cookies at Harmony so your pet doesn’t feel left out! Spooky shaped cookies

Happy Halloween everyone!