We have been busy this summer with removing fish hooks from dogs and cat’s mouths, esophagus’, and feet. Why you ask? Dogs and cats are attracted to smelly lures and yummy bait so the pets are usually brought in with a hook in its mouth or lip. If they paw at the lure, the paw gets hooked as well. Take a moment to visualize that.

This is extremely painful for a pet. Since their noses will lead them right to it, do not leave any of your fishing gear out where your pets can get to it.

The first thing to do if your pet does get caught up in a lure that is attached to the monofilament still is grab the line that is exposed and attach something heavy to it (keys, for example) and tape the line to the pet’s head. This ensures that the lure won’t go down throat any further. Then go straight to your veterinarian for treatment. Pets typically require some level of sedation to remove hooks. Hooks that have been ingested may require an endoscope procedure or even surgery.

It would be so much easier to just avoid the whole experience. No?

Keep your pets safe!