Meet Our Skilled Veterinary Staff

Hospital Administrator, Part Owner and Registered Veterinary Nurse

Monique started at Harmony in 1998 as a veterinary nurse. She now has the honor to lead the Harmony team and continue the philosophy that Dr and Mindy Cox started in 1981. Monique enjoys cooking, vegetable gardening, hiking, paddle boarding, and hanging out with her husband, their bulldog Lola and cat Grouper.

Office Manager

Quinn joined Harmony in 2003 as a veterinary nurse.  Over the years, she has filled the roles of client service coordinator, vet tech, and inventory specialist. Today she is helping us keep organized in her role of Office Manager. Quinn loves spending time with her daughter, as well as fresh-water fishing and enjoying the outdoors.

Certified Veterinary Nurse and Team Leader

Shanda joined Harmony in 2003 and is now the Veterinary Nurse Team Leader. She has a particular interest in canine sports medicine & physical therapy. She shares her home with three fun-loving dogs: a Boston Terrier called Bowie, a pit bull named Hazelnut, and an American Bulldog, Fauna.  Shanda also has a very dignified cat named Fergus - Hazel and Fauna have a very goofy cat who goes by Danzig. 

Veterinary Nurse

Stacey has been a valued part of our family since 1990. Over the years, she’s developed strong bonds with pet families in our community.  She has a special interest in behavior and training and has helped many a young dog grow up well.  She lives on a small farm with her husband, two horses, two cats, two birds, and four dogs, who range in size from a working police K9 to a spoiled Chihuahua. 

Veterinary Nurse

Anne joined Harmony in 2006 as an assistant and is now a valued veterinarary nurse.  She is proud dog “mom” of a spoiled Shih Tzu mix named Shimmy and Golden Retriever named Goldie. Her new addition to her family is Sheldon, a ten year old Tortoise. 

Veterinary Nurse

Kylee has been with HAH since 1999. Her favorite part of the job is working in surgery.   She shares her home with her handsome pit bull, Nos and three cats – Yeti, Shrimp and Balli.

Veterinary Nurse

Danyel came to Harmony in 2008.  She has a special interest in learning about and promoting low-stress handling for all patients.  Danyel has three dogs, puggles Norma Jean & Beatrice, King Charles Spaniel, Irie, a Maine Coon kitten named Jitterbug and a DSH boy named Church. They are all horror movie buffs. 

Veterinary Nurse

Sam has been with HAH since 2011.  She loves the collie breeds and enjoys it when they come in! Sam’s pet family includes her husband and the cutest dog ever, Chief. In her spare time she enjoys off-roading and skeet shooting. 

Veterinary Nurse

Ashley has been working in the veterinary field since 2007 and joined the Harmony Family in 2016. Veterinary medicine has been Ashley's passion since she was a little girl! She has a daughter who is just as animal crazy as she is. At home, they have a very diverse family including a sweet Doberman girl, a cat, cockatiel and three horses! Ashley has a soft spot for Dobermans and Chihuahuas, so make sure you say hi! In her spare time, you can find her outside! All outdoor activities make her happy! She also trains horses and gives riding lessons to a small group of students.



Veterinary Nurse

Lauren started working in the veterinary field as a receptionist in South Africa. Now today she is a Veterinary Nurse. She joined our team in 2016. She is a proud mom of a Ball Python named Lady Zira, a rat named Oliver and a cat also back home named Trinity. If she isnt working you can find her outdoors and spending time with her family and friends. 

Veterinary Nurse

Jeff joined the Harmony Team in 2017. He has worked in Veterinary medicine since 2002. He loves bully breeds, and lives in Jupiter with his French Bulldog Iggy. In his off time he enjoys going to the shooting range and fly fishing. 

Veterinary Nurse

Melissa came to Harmony in 2012, new to the veterinary world and has become an asset to the team.  Our "resident Canadian" has three mixed-breed dogs, Princess, Hawkeye, Maui and several assorted fish. She loves reading books in her spare time.  Princess prefers to wait for the movie versions. 

Nurse Assistant

Kris came to Harmony in 2011.  Our resident “neat freak,” she keeps us all squeaky clean.  She’s gravitated towards animals since she was small. 

Nurse Assistant

Candice joined the team in 2014 as a Veterinary Nurse Assistant.  She has two cats Toni Toni Toni and Casper, also two dogs Daisy and Butch. 

Nurse Assistant

Angie rejoined harmony in 2016 as a Veterinarian Assistant. She’s an animal lover who grew up on a small farm caring for and loving many species, from fowl to equine and all in between. In her spare time, she loves spending time with mother nature, boxing, horses, her family and riding her Harley along the coast.

Nurse Assistant

Zack has been with us since 2013. He has been working in the Veterinarian Field for almost 7 years now. He started as a Kennel tech at the previous facility he worked at. Moved to the Jupiter area and found a home with Harmony! He lives with His Fiance "Sam" and their large Fur Family of Seven! 2 Dogs, 4 Cats, and a Sulcata Tortoise. Other than his passion for All Animals, he loves Music, Nature and the most important thing of all... Spending time with Family!

Nurse Assistant

Sarah started at Harmony in 2016 as a kennel worker, and has since then worked up to a technician's assistant. She has two fur babies at home, a white german shepard mix named Angel, and an ocicat named Kitten. She loves working breed dogs, and her hobbies include hiking and kayaking. She loves to travel, and loves be outside in nature with her dog Angel.

Client Service Coordinator and Team Leader

Kelly has been in the veterinary field since 1988 and has been a part of the Harmony family since 2004 when she moved from Massachusetts with her two daughters.  She and her husband enjoy their 4 active dogs.  She truly enjoys her work at Harmony knowing she is helping our clients with their pets.  

Client Service Coordinator

Denise started at Harmony in 1997 as a Client Service Coordinator. Harmony has been a second home to her. Her outgoing personality gives her the ability to convey warmth, knowledge and is able to address whatever the client may need. She feels lucky to have the opportunity to make a positive difference in the relationship between owners and their pets.

Client Service Coordinator

Cheryl started at Harmony in 1994.  She's well-known to many long-time clients and she enjoys the relationships built with people and their pets. She also feels learning something new every day is a wonderful thing. She enjoys cooking, traveling, boating and fishing as well as spending time with her long-haired Dachshund named Elke.

Client Service Coordinator

Janet came to Harmony in 2000.  She feels that being able to help clients and their pets is extremely rewarding.  She has two cats, a Maine Coon Mix named Vance and a Maine Coon named Pixie.  Janet also enjoys reading, cooking and entertaining guests in her home.

Client Service Coordinator

Jay joined Harmony in 2010.  Her favorite part of the job is seeing people and their pets happy! Jay enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband and two sons.

Client Service Coordinator

Cee started with Harmony in April of 2004 and left for a few years and has happily returned to us again in July of 2016.Cee enjoys spending time with her wonderful husband Joe, step son Nathan and their (2) four legged family members Coda and Makani. Cee really enjoys her Client Service Coordinator position and coming to work every day and feels blessed to back with her Harmony family & friends.  She strives to be an advocate for our clients, our patients and for Harmony as well.

Client Service Coordinator

Marissa started at Harmony in 2016 with a lot of experience working at hospitals in the veterinary field in N.Y.  She spends most of her free time with her husband and 3 boys.  Together they enjoy their game and movie nights, as well as, outdoor activities such as, bike riding, camping and fishing to name a few.  In addition to her human family members she enjoys the company of their two dogs, Bow and Remi, their cat Cali, their bird Rio, and their 4 tortoises.  

Client Service Coordinator

Jessie is a proud mother of five children, a fur-son named Burnie, and 2 ball pythons name Medusa and Colubra. She joined the Harmony family as a Service Client Coordinator about a year ago, and is looking forward to many years to come. On her free time she loves exploring nature, barbequing at the beach with her family, and watching movies. 

Client Service Coordinator

Ronnie joined Harmony in 2017. She started in the kennel then became a client service coordinator. She loves spending time with her dogs, cats, horse, and hedgehog. Ronnie is crazy about animals and hopes to become a veterinarian one day. 

Camp Counselor and Team Leader

Alice started at Harmony Animal Hospital in 2005 as a camp counselor. She now leads the team with grace and ease. 

Camp Counselor

Eric joined the Harmony team in 2010. He is known as the dog whisperer. He has a way with the boarders that come in a little unsure of the situation and puts them at ease. 

Camp Counselor

Julianna has been apart of the Harmony team since 2011.

She has 4 crazy cats, 3 geese, 2 dogs,a couple cockatiels and their ring-leader budgie and some ducks; they all rule her life.

She likes to do pencil portraits of animals as a hobby and she is awesome at it!

Camp Counselor

Tatiana joined Harmony in 2016. She has 2 dogs, Buster and American Eskimo and Nemo a Yorkshire Terrier. She has been an animal lover since she was little. In her spare time you can catch her in the kitchen baking. 

Camp Counselor

Kate started with Harmony in 2017. She has two fur kids Finn and Duke that she rescued as well as a sulcata tortoise named Max. She has always loved animals ever since she was little. Throughout high school, she volunteered at an animal sanctuary and a shelter. Her goal is to work her way up a Veterinary Assistant. 

Camp Counselor

Bio coming soon!

Groomer & Team Leader

Dawn joined the Harmony team in 2012 as a master groomer. She grooms with passion and it shows. 


Dominique joined our family in 2015 with a wonderful personality and a knack for making our patients look ready for the runway.


Katie joined our team in 2017. She graduated from Pets Playground Grooming school in 2006. She never had a dog growing up but when she turned 18 she really really wanted one. She was riding her bike home and came upon this fuzzy looking puppy and just had to take it home. YYYYaaaayyyyyy her mom said yes, but she wondered what about this crazy looking fur on this puppy? Well, she did cut the kids hair in the neighborhood so she figured why not do a mohawk on this puppy. She immediately knew she needed to do this every day. She had no clue there was a whole world of this amazing thing called pet grooming. Her mom then put her through grooming school and she has not put the scissors down since. She currently has 5 dogs and 4 cats. 

“Your front desk staff is fabulous! They made me feel like Lola and I were the best duo in town. The service was very good and they completed it in record time.”
– Elyse Rose-Trupiano

“Great facility and feel very comfortable leaving Sam (our Bengal cat) there. Highly recommend to anyone who wants their loved pet in capable and pet friendly hands!”
– Michael & Ellen Rierson

“We’ve loved you guys for 12 years!”
– Bob Olson

“Dr. Rogers has terrific bedside manner, diagnosed the problem quickly and accurately, and addressed all of our concerns. Muffin sends her thanks to Dr. Rogers for her chicken puree recipe. Yum!”
РJack  Holcomb

“Your staff was very helpful and good with my cat I would for sure bring her back for boarding she was very good when I picked her up¬†she was not stressed out all that is very important to me. Thanks to all the staff that took care of her when u have people that care it makes me feel less stressed about leaving her...Thank u everyone.”
– Cherie Wade

“Everyone there took the time to calm and reassure both myself and my nervous dog. We cannot thank you enough for being warm, helpful, and concerned. We love you guys!!!!”
– Jeff Farwell

“I have been coming to Harmony Animal Hospital for years. Very, well satisfied. All of the Staff are helpful and very kind and polite.”
– Normal & Willard Johnson

“I have not have had a problem with any member of the staff. All our pets have been patients of harmony since 1996. Good job.”
– Fauvette Nudleman

“Excellent service! Clean facility! I will not trust any other vet with my pup;)”
– Rhenna & Emilo Pages

“We find everyone at Harmony to be extremely helpful. Nice, caring people!”
– Robin Monserrat

“I am very happy with the level of care my "fury" children receive at Harmony. It keeps me coming back. Thank you!”
– Kristen Wagner